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Glass Candle Holder

  • glass candle holder


    Candlesticks, as the name suggests, must be used in conjunction with candles, which can not only illuminate the space for people, play a lighting effect, but also be slightly decorated and used alone as a home decoration item. Candelabra is one of the ancient indoor lighting appliances. It is used to place lighting tools such as “candles”. There are stone, metal, wood, etc., which can be roughly divided into two types: fixed type and lift type. The design of the candle holder is inspired by the shape of a table lamp. The material is high quality borosilicate 3.3 glass. It is Pyrex, clear, bubble free, black spot free. They are suitable for different occasions and make your life more refined. Perfect for table center, coffee table center, kitchen table decoration, shelf decoration, party or candlestick wedding, bathroom setting, garden flower and terrarium display. A candlestick is much more than a candlestick, it is a work of art; A stylish home should not stop at elegance. Prepare a bunch of candles to reflect the temperament of your home! Between candles and shadows, it is not just the temperature of life; the place where the scent of candles lingers is your most elegant feeling.

  • clay bowl

    Clay Bowl Holder For Candles

    • Clay Bowls Different Design
    • Good For Decration
    • Weight 100g around