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The clear glass dome, the material is high quality borosilicate3.3 glass or soda-lime glass, transparent and the wall thickness is uniform, no bubbles, no black spots. The top  can be made into balls, birds, hearts, crowns and so on a variety of different designs, suitable for different occasions. The bottom can be matched with wooden, cork and bamboo different bases, inside the glass can put various exquisite handicrafts, make your life more exquisite.

  • Price: 1.43 USD/PC
  • MOQ: 3000 Pieces
  • Lead Time: In 30 Days
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    Model No. HHGD001
    Material High borosilicate glass or soda-lime glass
    Item Size 110mm dia or custom sizes
    Color Clear
    Package foam and carton
    Customized Available
    Sample Time 1 to 3 days
    MOQ 100 PCS
    Lead Time for MOQ 10 to 30 days
    Payment Term Credit Card, Bank Wire, Paypal, Western Union, L/C


    ● High borosilicate glass or soda-lime glass, clear and no bubbles.
    ● Thick enough.
    ● Sizes of diameter and height can be customized.
    ● Package customized
    ● Top handle ball can be change to other design.

    glass dome 1
    glass dome
    glass dome 7
    glass dome 4


    ● Candle clipper, the wick of the candle should not be too much longer than the surface of the candle, the best length is 3-5mm, and the function of the candle clipper is to trim the candle wick.
    ● Candle hood, many people are playing aromatherapy The misunderstanding that you will encounter when you use candles is that you like to blow out candles with your mouth. This practice is wrong. The correct way is to use the physical principle of the candle extinguishing cover to cover the flame, which can effectively prevent the candle from producing black smoke and smelly smoke.
    ● The candle cover (cover) can effectively prevent the volatilization of the candle and the attachment of dust to the candle. Some The candle will provide its own candle cover.
    ● Candle extinguishing hook, press the burning candle wick into the candle pool to extinguish it, but it should be noted that the candle wick must be straightened.
    ● The igniter, experienced friends know, Candles are difficult to be lit after a certain number of uses. The correct way is to use a special igniter or a long match, which will make it easier to light the candle.

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