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HEHUI GLASS Tall UFO Led Glass Hookah with Big Size Glass Vase Stand

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UFO Led Glass Hookah with Big Size Glass Vase Stand

Laboratory grade glass


Big Size Glass Vase Stand. The all glass material hookah shisha is designed for optimal flavor restitution and does not retain the taste of previous sessions.

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Item Name UFO Glass Hookah With Big Size Glass Vase Stand

Model No.



High Borosilicate Glass

Item Size

Mould A:H 700mm(27.56inches)

Mould B:750mm(29.53inches)

Mould C:850mm(33.46inches)


Common Safe Carton



Sample Time

1 to 3 days


100 PCS

Lead Time for MOQ

10 to 30 days

Payment Term

Credit Card, Bank Wire, Paypal, Western Union, L/C


The UFO Glass Hookah With Big Size Glass Vase Stand takes the design of traditional hookahs, to the extent that it is made of glass. The glass used is a Schott high quality laboratory grade glass with a 7mm thickness. HEHUI GLASS uses only food-grade materials for its products so that users experience an incredible smoking session and get the best flavors possible. Moreover, no grommet is needed with HEHUI GLASS hookahs and as you might have noticed, all products from the brand are designed to last, to be functional, and easy to use.

The UFO Design hookah can be used with 2 hoses.

The UFO Design  hookah measures 70cm.

The set includes:

• UFO Bottle Hookah Glass Part

• Hose set (170cm) with glass tips and connector

• Big Size Glass Vase

•Mesh for flavor hold

• Glass bowl with downstem

• Air valve(Plug)

UFO glass hookah with glass base 122
UFO glass hookah with glass base 51
UFO glass hookah with glass base 225

Installation Steps

Install steps of  glass hookah

1.Put the UFO Design hookah bottle on the Big Size glass Vase stand. Pour the water inside the hookah bottle, make the water height above the end of down stem.

2. Put tobacco/flavor(we recommend 20g capacity) on mesh inside tobacco bow downstem.

3.Heat the charcoal(recommend 2 pcs square ones) and put the charcoal in the heat management device(Or silver paper).

4. Connect the silicone hose with connector and glass mouthpiece and Joint the hose set with hookah as the photo showing.

5.Insert the air valve to the hookah bottle as photo showing.


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