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HEHUI Stainless Steel Hookah Shisha With Glass Vase Basement

Laboratory grade glass


Introducing the ultimate stainless steel hookah with glass vase base for an unforgettable hookah experience. This stunning hookah is made of durable stainless steel, ensuring it will last for countless uses. Standing up, it’s the perfect size for sharing with friends or for a solo cigarette.

Not only is the stainless steel hookah elegantly designed, but it also comes in a stylish color box, making it the perfect gift for any hookah lover. This hookah comes with a glass hookah for a fresh and clean smoking experience, it also includes a hookah and charcoal thermal management system. This all-inclusive package makes it easy to indulge in your shisha experience.

But that’s not all. Our Stainless Steel Hookahs come with advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) features to ensure you find exactly what you are looking for in today’s digital age. This product is designed to meet and exceed your expectations for a high quality hookah experience. Don’t settle for less, choose a stainless steel hookah with a glass vase base for the ultimate smoking experience.

In conclusion, the Stainless Steel Hookah with Glass Vase Base is the perfect addition to any smoker’s collection. It’s made from strong and durable materials and comes packaged in an elegant box containing everything you need for an unparalleled shisha experience. Whether you share with friends or smoke alone, this hookah is the perfect size for you. With advanced SEO features, it’s easier than ever to find the hookah that best suits your smoking needs. Don’t wait any longer, order your stainless steel hookah today and experience the ultimate hookah experience!

  • MOQ: 20 PIECE
  • PRICE: 78USD
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    Item Name Stainless Steel Hookah Shisha With Glass Vase Basement

    Model No.



    Stainless Steel+Glass

    Item Size

    H 660mm(25.98inches)


    Color Box and carton



    Sample Time

    1 to 3 days


    100 PCS

    Lead Time for MOQ

    10 to 30 days

    Payment Term

    Credit Card, Bank Wire, Paypal, Western Union, L/C


    The Stainless Steel Hookah  measures 66cm(25.98inches).

    The set includes:

    •Glass Vase Basement

    • Silicone hose set (170cm) with metal Mouthpiece and Spring

    • Steel Down Stem

    •Stainless Steel Plate

    • Silicone Flavor Bowl

    • HMD

    stainless steel hookah shisha 3
    stainless steel hookah shisha 5
    stainless steel hookah 1

    Installation Steps

    Install steps of  hookah

    1.Pour the water inside the hookah bottle, make the water height above 2cm to 3cm(around 1 inch) the end of down stem.

    2. Put tobacco/flavor(we recommend 20g capacity) in the flavor Bowl.Install the down stem inside the bottle with silicone ring, make it tight connection with bottle.

    3. Place the ash plate on the stem and put the flavor bowl on the top of stem.

    3.Heat the charcoal(recommend 2 pcs square ones) and put the charcoal in the heat management device. And settle on the flavor bowl.

    4. Connect the silicone hose and metal mouthpiece and Joint the hose set with hookah as the photo showing.


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